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Kickoff Series - Book 1

Minerva Hayes aka “FlameThrower” has it all – a blossoming career as a video game streamer, a great disguise for her online persona, and the delicious freedom that comes from dumping your loser ex-boyfriend. But when naked pictures are leaked online, Min’s entire life is upended. Her sponsors have dropped her, and the online trolls are scaring away her audience for her stream – which means her revenue is running dry. The upcoming high-stakes, high-payout gaming tournament at the Kimball International Convention of Fans (Kickoff) is her only chance at redemption. Unfortunately for Min, she’s not the only one interested in the tournament, which means she’s going up against her biggest rival – DeathsHead.

All video game streamer Hayden “DeathsHead” Phillips wants is to be left alone. Private to the point of recluse, Hayden is tired of constantly worrying about his identity being exposed. He just needs one large payday to be able to leave video game streaming and launch his dream career – and Kickoff’s winner-take-all gaming tournament is exactly what he’s looking for. And as it turns out, his main competition and longtime adversary FlameThrower is a woman prepared to win at all costs... just the way he likes it. But as the tournament draws near, Hayden discovers she’s also sexy and fun and distracting at a time when Hayden needs to focus. And if Hayden’s not careful, what he thought was just a con fling is going to turn into much, much more.

Now they’re thrown together at the biggest fan convention in the world. The stakes are high, the prize a windfall large enough to tempt them both. Min and Hayden are both determined to fight for their dreams... even if it ruins their chance at love.